NMRA EduTRAIN® is several things

  • It is a program intended to help the NMRA better fulfill its charter objective of providing education and training for model railroaders.
  • It is intended to provide another reason for model railroaders of all skill levels to join the NMRA and consider participating in the AP program.
  • It will become the first complete curriculum of re-usable turnkey clinics covering all aspects of model railroading from kit building to scenery, electricity and electronics, layout construction, scenery, and operation. NMRA EduTRAIN® clinics will include traditional presentations as well as demo labs and hands on (Make and Take) workshops where the primary objective is to teach. When fully implemented, NMRA EduTRAIN® will allow a model railroader to progress through all phases of model railroading, according to their interests, from novice to Master Model Railroader.
  • It is based on a methodology for developing courses (clinics) based on many years of experience in government, industry, the military and education that is proven to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills. This methodology will provide higher quality and greater consistency for all clinics included in the NMRA EduTRAIN® brand.
  • It will include clinics to train model railroaders to become more comfortable and proficient at delivering presentations (Train the Trainers).
  • NMRA EduTRAIN® is being offered by the NMRA as a recommended practice, not a mandatory requirement. Once approved, clinics will be available through the NMRA to regions and divisions for presentation at official NMRA events. NMRA EduTRAIN® does not include or replace other informational clinics such as layout tours, travelogues, or general information on railroad practices at NMRA events. If you have a favorite clinic, NMRA EduTRAIN® does not render it obsolete. But if you have a clinic that does a particularly good job of teaching other modelers how to do something related to model railroading, AND you are willing to consider some rework to fit the NMRA EduTRAIN® model, we would like to talk to you.

Click to download the following EduTRAIN® Resources: