Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions about this Website

Q. What does "members only" or "members pages" mean?

A: The NMRA is a member based not for profit organization. One of the benefits of membership is access to certain information and services that are not available to non-members. To gain access to these items, a current NMRA member must register their membership on this website through the Registration process, after which those areas of the website that are designated as "members only" will be available to them.

Q: How does a member register for a user account on this website?

A:  Even if you were registered to receive Members Only content on the old website, or have an account on the NMRA Company Store, you must register again on this web site.  It only takes a few minutes. First click on the words “Member Log-In | Registration” on the right side of the red bar at the top of the page. This will open a new page called “Members Only.”  Next click on the blue bar that says, “Need a username? Register now.”  This will take you to a page called  “User Account.”  Enter a username (any combination of letters and/or numbers) and your email address, then click on the blue bar that says “Create New Account.” (Note: the email you enter MUST be the same one that you have on file with the NMRA membership system. If you have changed your email and not notified the NMRA, you will get an error stating your email is not found.) You’ll see a message that says an email confirmation has been sent to your inbox.  Follow the instructions in the email to set your new password - the password you receive is only a temporary password, so change it immediately. That’s it!
NOTE: The HQ Staff CANNOT create your registration, change your password, or do anything with your web site account. They will gladly assist you with renewal if you have expired, and with updating your address and personal information.

Q: I registered, but I did not get the confirmation email. What happened?

A: In 99.9% of the cases this has occured, one of several things is involved: 1) your SPAM filter has decided the email was spam, so stuck it in your spam folder or trash. Check those folders to see if that is what happened. If so, tell your email client that emails from the website are NOT spam. 2) you have an email rule that moves emails from the nmra into a special folder - you may not be aware you have such a rule, so check. 3) The email on file is old and no longer valid, the mailbox is full, or in some cases, your email provider is deciding our emails are spam before they ever get to your mailbox. You will need to check into the master settings for your email account to see if this is true. How? Each provider has different processes and rules set up, so you may have to contact their support to figure it out. 

Q: When I tried to register, I was told that my email that I used to create the account cannot be found. What is the problem?

A: The website uses the email address you have on file with the NMRA membership system. If you are currenly receiving emails from the NMRA, such as the eBulletin, check to see which address they are being sent to you with, and use that address. If you are NOT receving emails from the NMRA, you 1) do not have an email address on file with the NMRA, 2) the email address on file is old and no longer valid, or 3) the email address on file is incorrect (typo). You will need to check with the NMRA membership staff to verify your address, and make sure it is correct. Contact information is at

Q: I tried to login with my Company Store or other NMRA login, and it didn't work!

A: That is correct! NONE of the login id's you may have created previously on older NMRA websites, Company Store or other NMRA associated website will work. You MUST create a NEW account on this website.

Q: I went to the NMRA Company Store on the website, and I was told to log in again. Why?

A: The NMRA Company Store is presently a totally separate website provided by a different entity. That site has its own security, requiring a separate login id and password. 

Q: When I review my membership information on the Member Info page, I noticed that some of the information is incorrect, out of date or blank. How do I get it fixed?

A: On the Member Information page is a yellow "button" that says "Update Your NMRA Membership Information" - click this, and you will see a page that first has the "change password" process, then by scrolling down has fields for you to enter updated information about your membership, a field to provide any other info or question to the staff, and a "submit" button that immediately sends an email to the NMRA membership staff with the information provided. They will process the changes, and let you know when they are completed. It will take several days for the changes to be posted to the website after the membership system is updated. NOTE: You cannot update your information directly on the website - that information ONLY comes from your membership record, and is updated several times a week from the membership system.