NMRA Honors Awards

Honors Award Lists

The list of HONORS AWARDS is maintained by the Secretary and this website listing is maintained by Frank Koch (treas [at] nmra.org).  Notify either or both with changes.

Honorary Life Member Award
Honorary Life Membership is the highest honor the NMRA can bestow upon one of its present or past members. It shall be given only in recognition of outstanding elective or voluntary service to the NMRA.

Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award is awarded to those who have, directly or indirectly, member or non-member, given outstanding service to the hobby.

Fellow of the NMRA Award
The Fellow of the NMRA Award is granted to those in the NMRA who have fostered the organization and the hobby and have increased or advanced social interaction and the social benefits of the hobby.

President's Award
The President's Award is given by the NMRA President for outstanding service to the NMRA.

President's Award for Division Service
The NMRA President's Award for Service to the Division is awarded by the NMRA President to one individual in a Division in each Region per year, who has done outstanding "beyond-the-call-of-duty" work to make his or her local Division effective, engaging, and welcoming to members.  Individuals are recommended to the NMRA President by the NMRA National Board of Directors, National Officers, or Region Presidents, as appropriate, and preferably always with the guidance of the Region Officials.

Meritorious Service Award
The Meritorious Service Award reflects dedicated and long-term service by a member for participation in one or more of the various administrative departments and/or committees of the association. The respective Department Head selects the recipient. In the case of committee participation, the Chair of the respective committee may nominate a member to the respective Department Head or responsible Officer for approval.

NMRA Pioneers of Model Railroading
Beginning with the 1985 Award by the Model Railroad Industry Association, Inc., and continued by the NMRA, here is the Alltime list of the Pioneers in Model Railroading.

Please contact the secy [at] nmra.org (Secretary)/CFO for any updates or changes.