You can contact most everyone within the NMRA, at the national level, by using the following email addresses or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Also, if you send a message to one of these addresses and the message bounces (considering you typed the complete address) it means no-one is holding that position within the NMRA at that time. Try again in a few days.

National Model Railroad Assoc., Inc

P.O. Box 1328, Soddy Daisy TN 37384-1328
Phone: (423) 892-2846
Fax: (423) 899-4869
Email: nmrahq [at] (subject: Mail%20from%20NMRA%20Member) (HQ Staff)

The Officers' addresses:

  • president [at] (The President of the NMRA)
  • vpadmin [at] (The Vice President Administration of the NMRA)
  • vpprojects [at] (The Vice President Projects of the NMRA)
  • treas [at] (The Treasurer of the NMRA)
  • secy [at] (The Secretary of the NMRA)

The Headquarters of the NMRA

  • nmrahq [at] (Email to NMRA HQ)
  • lib [at] (The Kalmbach Memorial Library)
  • web [at] (The Web Development Staff)

The Board of Directors

  • racdir [at] (Regional Advisory Council (RAC))
  • alwwdir [at] (At Large Worldwide)
  • alnadir [at] (At Large North America)
  • candir [at] (NMRA Canada)
  • pacdir [at] (Pacific District)
  • atldir [at] (Atlantic District)
  • westdir [at] (Western District)
  • centdir [at] (Central District)
  • eastdir [at] (Eastern District)

The Education Department:

  • educate [at] (The Education Department Chair)
  • achiev [at] (The Achievement Awards Program)
  • contests [at] (The Contest Program)
  • mwtm [at] (Modeling with the Masters)
  • scouts [at] (Boy Scout Coordinator)

The Development Department

  • develop [at] (The Development Department Chair)

The Publications Department

  • pubs [at] (The Publications Department Chair)
  • editor [at] (The Editor of "The NMRA Magazine and Bulletin")

The Standards and Conformance Department

  • tech-chair [at] (The Technical Department Chair)
  • tech-chair [at] (Deputy Chairs)
  • tech-chair [at] (Small Scale Standards (TT, N & Z scales))
  • tech-chair [at] (Mid Scale Standards (O, S, OO, & HO scales))
  • tech-chair [at] (Large Scale Standards (All scales larger than O))
  • tech-chair [at] (Special Standards (Proto Scale, Module Conformance & Traction))
  • tech-chair [at] (Mechanical Standards)
  • dcc-manager [at] (DCC Electrical Issues)
  • dcc-manager [at] (DCC Manager)
  • dcc-manager [at] (DCC Software)
  • dcc-manager [at] (subject: DCC%20Standards%20and%20Conformance) (DCC Electrical Manager)
  • tech-chair [at] (MOROP Coordination)
  • tech-chair [at] (Standards and Recommended Practices on the web)
  • tech-chair [at] (Issues Review Group)
  • tech-chair [at] (Conformance and Inspection Manager)
  • dcc-manager [at] (C&I DCC Command Station Inspection)
  • dcc-manager [at] (subject: C%26I%20DCC%20Decoder%20Inspection) (C&I DCC Decoder Inspection)
  • tech-chair [at] (C&I Web Pages)
  • tech-chair [at] (C&I Mechanical Inspectors)

The Information Technology Department

  • itmanager [at] (IT Manager)
  • facebookmgr [at] (Facebook Admin)
  • web [at] (Web Support)
  • webmaster [at] (subject: NMRA%20Website%20question%20or%20problem) (Webmaster)

Member Services (Part of Administration)

  • nmrahq [at] (Member Aid)
  • nmrahq [at] (Membership)
  • nmrahq [at] (Services)
  • pike-reg [at] (The Pike Registry Program)
  • The Pass Exchange Program (vacant)
  • club100 [at] (100% Clubs Program)

The Meeting and Trade Show Department

  • mts [at] (The Meeting and Trade Show Department Chair)

The Museum Department

  • museumchair [at] (The Museum Department Chair)

Standing Committees

  • ops [at] (Operations)
  • financ [at] (Finance)
  • int [at] (International)
  • audit [at] (Audit)
  • plan [at] (Planning)
  • policy [at] (Policy)
  • NLcg [at] (Netherlands Control Group)

Presidential Committees

  • indus [at] (Industrial Liaison)
  • legal [at] (Legal)
  • net [at] (NMRA Internet Presence)
  • web [at] (NMRA WWW team (webmasters))
  • const [at] (Constitution)
  • nominat [at] (Nomination)
  • parlia [at] (Parliamentarian)
  • ombuds [at] (Ombudsman)

The Region Presidents

  • aarprez [at] (Australasian Region President)
  • brprez [at] (British Region President)
  • erprez [at] (European Region President)
  • lsrprez [at] (Lone Star Region President)
  • mcrprez [at] (Mid Central Region President)
  • mcorprez [at] (Mid Continent Region President)
  • merprez [at] (Mideastern Region President)
  • mwrprez [at] (Midwestern Region President)
  • nfrprez [at] (Niagara Frontier Region President)
  • ncrprez [at] (North Central Region President)
  • nerprez [at] (North East Region President)
  • pcrprez [at] (Pacific Coast Region President)
  • pnrprez [at] (Pacific Northwest Region President)
  • psrprez [at] (Pacific Southwest Region President)
  • rmrprez [at] (Rocky Mountain Region President)
  • serprez [at] (Southeastern Region President)
  • ssrprez [at] (Sunshine Region President)
  • tlrprez [at] (Thousand Lakes Region President)

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