Layout Command Control® (LCC)

Layout Command Control

Model railroaders expect a lot from the electronics on their layouts. They want to automate accessories, simplify operation of their staging yards, have fine control over layout lighting, and build realistic dispatcher panels. Home and club layouts are getting more detailed and complicated, and existing electronics for control systems are having a hard time keeping up.

Layout Command Control Development

The process of developing networks and protocols for layout control are not trivial.  No small group of individuals are able to fully develop the necessary code, protocols and the like to sucessfully impliment the concept of having complete, integrated control of a layout, be it a simple 4 by 8 foot sheet of plywood to a large complex, multi-deck masterpiece.  Using the current open source development process, a group named OpenLCB has stepped up to take on this task.  You can find the details of their work, process, organization and even how to participate on their development process at their website located at:  OpenLCB is developing the Standards and providing Technical Notes to support those Standards that will be used in the development of hardware to control a layout.



The Standards for LCC® are organized so that each Standard has a corresponding Technical Note.  The Technical Notes provide additional information and reasoning about what was and was not included in the Standard.  These Standards, developed by OpenLCB, are submitted to the NMRA for review and comment by the membership.  Once the reviews are complete, the NMRA Board of Directors adopts the Standards as the official NMRA Standard for Layout Command Control.

Layout Command Control Standards

Standard                   Tech Note                 NMRA Status
                             TN- Glossary  
                            TN- Common Information  
S- Unique Identifiers                           TN- Unique Identifiers                Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Event Identifiers                           TN- Event Identifiers                Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- CAN Physical TN- CAN Physical Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- CAN Frame Transfer TN- CAN Frame Transfer Adopted 20-Feb-16
S-9.7.3 Message Network (CAN + TCP/IP) TN-9.7.3 Message Network (CAN + TCP/IP) Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Event Transport TN- Event Transport Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Datagram Transport TN- Datagram Transport Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Configuration Description Information TN- Configuration Description Information Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Memory Configuration TN- Memory Configuration Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Simple Node Information TN- Simple Node Information Adopted 20-Feb-16
S- Firmware Upgrade TN- Firmware Upgrade Published for Comment
Broadcast Time Protocol Broadcast Time Protocol Awaiting Submission
Traction Protocol Traction Protocol Awaiting Submission


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Introduction to Layout Command Control® (LCC)

Updated 12/3/2019