Frank Koch HLM

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

Frank has made a career out of wearing multiple hats. In his 40 years with Procter & Gamble, he was a Product Development Manager in R&D, a Human Resources Manager, and Global Finance Manager – all at the same time.


He joined the NMRA in 1978 and has held most of the positions at Division and Region levels, including officer, Board member, show chair, convention chair, clinician, contest manager and judge, editor, estate counseling manager and AP manager. As with his professional career, he held many of those jobs simultaneously.


As NMRA CFO, Frank manages the NMRA’s balanced budgets and investments, drawing on his experience of overseeing global R&D budgets across diverse organizations and budgets. As HQ Administrative Manager he provides an “only as needed” link between the NMRA HQ staff and everyone else, overseeing employee development and providing independent management counseling to the day-to-day operations staff. As AP Executive Assistant Manager, he answers member questions and interprets the requirements of the AP to ensure we stay true to the spirit of the program.


Frank models the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia in two-rail O scale, both on his home layout and at a local club.


4769 Silverwood Dr
Batavia, OH 45103-9740