Manager: Alan Anderson

Fund Raising Department

Manager - Fund Raising Department

Alan is employed as a full-time executive at a local Salt Lake area chamber of commerce and has been a model railroader since his dad gave him his first set of Athearn HO “blue box” train kits as a 10-year old.


He joined the NMRA in 2009 and volunteered to fill the fundraising slot in 2011. In this position, Alan looks for various funding options and fundraising programs that benefit the NMRA and its members. The eBay Giving Works program is one of his most recent accomplishments.


Alan is a member of the Northern Utah Division of the Rocky Mountain Region and chaired the 2014 Golden Spike Limited Region Convention in June 2014.


Although he started with a 4x8 tabletop layout in his youth, he’s currently building his large, freelanced HO Western Central Railroad in the basement in the southwest suburb of West Jordan in Salt Lake City. The railroad is set in the mid- to late-1950s and operations will be loosely based on ATSF practices.


4744 Colander Drive
West Jordan UT 84088