Manager: Allen Pollock HLM, DSA

Howell Day Museum

When the former At-Large North American Director was forced to resign because of career commitments, President Charlie Getz appointed Allen as interim director until the 2015 elections. But he’s no stranger to the leadership positions of the NMRA. Allen served as NMRA President from 2000 to 2004, and has been NMRA Industry Liaison since 1996. He served six years on Board of Directors of HMA Model Railroad Industry Division. Currently he’s chair of both the Howell Day Museum Committee and the Honors Committee. Allen’s been an NMRA member since 1970.


In his professional life, Allen is Executive Director of the Jefferson City Housing Authority and Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority – a position he’s held for 27 of the 38 years he’s been employed there.


Allen is also a past president of the local YMCA, the Jefferson City Professional Engineering Society, the Missouri Tax Increment Financing Association, the Missouri Public Works Association, and the Southwest Regional Council of National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. He also served on Board of Directors of Public Housing Authorities Directors Association.


Allen’s the owner of Fun & Games, which sells model figures of all scales, and part owner of the Missouri Locomotive Company and Sparkling Star Models. He models mostly mountainous logging and narrow gauge railroads in 1:20.3 scale, both indoors and outdoors.


PO Box 243
Jefferson CIty, MO 65102-0243