NMRA National Retailers Listing

NMRA National Retailers Listing

The NMRA National Retailers Listing is a listing of hobby shops around the country that have purchased a Retailer listing at a rate of $120.00 per year and have agreed to display NMRA promotional materials in their store. (Each store is also encouraged to become a sustaining member of the NMRA). In addition, these stores maintain the following policy: To exchange, repair, or refund the money of a person who purchases a model railroad item or items which is determined to be defective by no fault of the purchaser. This policy is only for items purchased at their stores, and the purchaser must provide absolute proof of purchase, i.e. sales slip, etc. 

The members of the NMRA National Retailers Network will display the NMRA emblem on their door to identify themselves to you. Look for the blue, silver and black NMRA National Retailers emblem when you're purchasing model railroad equipment. 

A strong retail network is vital to keeping the hobby visible to the public - and provides valuable help to newcomers. By patronizing the stores listed here those stores are able to continue bringing new people into the hobby. 

NMRA National Retailers are listed by state and city, alphabetically. Each listing consists of up to 25 words describing the shop. The street address, zip code and phone number will be listed in bold. 

All listings are for 12 consecutive months. These 12 listings cost $120.00 per year. For an application form write to: 


716 Reinke Road
Ballwin, MO 63021