Didrick Voss MMR

Western Director

Western District Director

Didrik graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY in 1963 and holds a Master Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington. Throughout his professional life he has practiced as a registered professional engineer in the State of Washington and for the last 35 years has owned his own firm, Pavement Engineers, Inc. Didrik also retired as a LTC, US Army.

He has enjoyed Model Railroading since he was 11 years old. He has been a board member of the 4th Division, PNR, NMRA; the General Chairman of the 2004 NMRA National Convention; and was the Manager, Standards and Conformance Dept., NMRA for 14 years. He also served as the Chairman, NMRA National Nominations Committee for several years.

He is currently modeling, in HO scale, the Everett & Monte Cristo Ry Co., which existed from 1893 to 1905 to transport gold from the Cascade Mountains to the City of Everett, WA for further processing. From 1905 to 1935, the railway was slowly dismantled as roads were constructed in the area. Although he was not able to negotiate rights to the entire basement since a guest room and office were needed, he has managed to fill up most of the basement with a layout. He became a Master Model Railroader in 2003 and holds the number 325.

He is privileged to be married to Mary Kay for over 38 years, who was also the CFO of the 2004 NMRA convention; was on the City Council of Mill Creek, WA and enjoys acting. Her profession as a Financial Planner has helped to keep me out of trouble.


15226 12th Dr S E
Mill Creek, WA  98012-3082

(425) 327-8549