Rob Peterson

Pacific Director

Rob currently works as a consultant to government coordinating the design and delivery of the road and drainage infrastructure for 10 new suburbs. Prior to this he was a director of a mid-sized multi-disciplinary engineering firm. With the NMRA he has served in a variety of roles on the Australasian Region Committee, including President. In addition he is also an active member at his local model train club, being involved in the construction and display of both HO and N sectional layouts.  


He was introduced to model trains by his great grandfather with a Hornby 00 scale trainset. Over the next 5 years a small double loop layout was built, learning some of the basics in the hobby. After finishing school Rob joined the Australian Army and lost interest in model trains as he commenced engineering studies and career.


After leaving the army, he took a number of civil engineering positions in local government and during this time started an interest in N scale and started collecting rolling stock and track with a view to build a future layout. Again nothing came from this, as raising a young family, sport and the family farm took up most of his time, the collection stayed firmly in a box. That is until the mid-thirties, when his wife surprised him with a birthday gift of more items to add to the collection. A chance discussion about this at work, led to a colleague inviting Rob to attend a NMRA meeting and from there an interest in model railroading was restarted.


Currently, he has commenced construction on his home N scale layout based on the EL and B&O in western Pennsylvania in the mid to late 1960's.


24 Meckiff Avenue

North Rocks NSW Australia 2151

+612 408 682 336