Decoder Test Information

Decoder System Test Information

The NMRA developed the DCC Decoder Test• Board and accompanying software (referred to below as the DCC Decoder Test System)• • as part of it's Conformance testing process for DCC Decoders. The DCC Decoder Test System is one component of the NMRA's overall DCC Decoder testing process. It is used to test a mobile or accessory DCC decoder, and when properly used, it verifies that the decoder meets the baseline NMRA DCC standards S-9.1.1 and S-9.2.

The Decoder Test System is designed to utilize older PC components that many users already have in excess quantity. The Decoder Test Board• is installed in an empty ISA slot in an IBM compatible PC, and the accompanying software runs on MS-DOS or in the DOS box of a Microsoft Windows 95 system. More details on the specific requirements can be found in the Decoder Test Board Manual below.