The Kalmbach Memorial Library

We have merged the NMRA KLM Library with the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM) Library in Sacramento, CA to create one of the largest railroad specific libraries in the USA.  We have shipped a mutually agreed collection of books to CSRM on loan. We will still provide limited services (copies and scans of some materials from our periodical, plans, and images collections) and are working with CSRM for them to absorb our collection with ongong financial support from the NMRA for dedicated staffing. CSRM is developing procedures for interacting with NMRA members and the process will be the same as for any other member of their Library.  

The Kalmbach Memorial Library has been the research library of the National Model Railroad Association, and this will continue as we merge with CSRM. Together, we will have a very extensive collection of model and prototype railroad books, periodicals, photos, videos and reference materials.

CSRM will also provide research and photocopy services for your convenience.  We will continue to offer surplus used book and magazine sales. Our contact information is listed in the About the Library section.

On May 10, 2004, Governor Phil Bredesen signed into law a bill which designates the A. C. Kalmbach Memorial Library as an "Official Railroad Library of the State of Tennessee." This honor distinguishes the library for having achieved preeminent stature in its field and for its many valuable contributions to the preservation of the nation’s railroad and model history. The library is recognized as one of the finest facilities of its kind in the country, and certainly within the South. Through a variety of publications and programs, the library promotes awareness of the crucial role that railroads played in the development of American life and culture.