Pike Registry

Welcome to the NMRA Pike Registry!

The Pike Registration program is part of the NMRA's Membership Services and Promotion Department. As with most of NMRA's programs this program is maintained and staffed by NMRA volunteers. (NMRA membership is required to participate in this program.) The Pike Register provides the opportunity to have your pike registered in the Official Register of Model Railroads, (ORMRR). You will receive an official certificate suitable for framing and get your Pike added to the list below.

We also recommend that you register your layout in the Model Railroad Directory, the online place where you can show photos and invite people to visit

The NMRA offers no guarantee that pike listings are accurate. They have been compiled by the Pike Registration Committee to the best of it's ability from data submitted by the applicants.

NMRA members who wish to renew current pike registrations prior to their expiration or, in some cases, after the registration has expired, should follow this guide. Each Pike Registration Certificate contains the date it was issued. Add two years to that date and it becomes the date of expiration. You can open the Pike Registration form as a "fillable form", or print it for manual entry. Complete the form as clearly and legibly as possible. Be sure to include all requested information.

Make out a check payable to NMRA Pike Registration in the amount of $10.00 (US). Paperclip the check to the completed form and mail it to:

Rod Fredericks
640 Chippenham Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Registration Forms

  • You can access a PDF copy of the Pike Registration Form here.

Pikes Registered with the NMRA

For your convenience you can go to specific sections of the following alphabetical listing of registered pike names by clicking the respective letters listed here

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and finally Z.

Updated 02/19/2019

712 Rail Odyssey

- A -

Abo Timber & Mining Co.

Adirondack & Raquette Lake RR

Aetna & Baker City Railroad

Alameda & Indian Beach RR

Alameda & Indian Beach RR

Albuquerque Carnuel & Tijeras RR

Albuquerque, Bernalillo & Dona Ana Southern

Albuquerque, Raton & Western

Alder Creek Railroad

Algoma & Madawaska Northern

Algoma River Railroad

Allegheny & Blue Ridge

Allegheny Eastern Railroad

Allegheny Northern Railroad

Allegheny Railroad

Alton & Ohio Railroad

Alton & Western Illinois RR

Alton, St. Louis & Texas Eastern Railway

Amador, Truckee & South Fork Railroad

Appalachian South Railroad

Appalachian Southern

Area 51 Terminal & Transfer Co

Arizona Northern

Arlington Western


Aspen Mountain Lumber Co.

Atlanta & South Georgia

Atlantic & Hibernia Railroad

Atlantic & New England Railroad

Atlantic & Southern RR (Northern Division)

Atlantic Coast & Eastern Railroad

Atlantic Shoals Railway

Austin, Temple & Salado Falls RR

Autumn Valley Railroad

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- B -

B & I Garden Railway

B & J Railroad Co


Backwoods Timber Co

Baden-Wurttemberg u. Oberrheinhausen Hauptbahn

Badger Mid Western RR

Balboa Granada & Eastern

Bald Eagle Valley Railroad

Baltimore & Cumberland Railroad

Baltimore & Millis Railroad

Bangor and Navesink Railroad

Bay Island Docks & Ferries

Bayou Self Railway

Bear Lake & Northern

Bear Western River

Beech Hill Short Line

Beeler United Traction

Bessemer & Ohio Railroad

Big Branch & Eastern

Big Neches & South Fork Railroad

Billings & Paradise Railroad

Black Mountain Div - CD&L

Blackstone Valley Railroad

Bloomfield & Oakland Railroad

Blue Ridge Northern


Bodie Southern

Boston & Maine-New Hampshire Division

Brandt River Railroad

Brass City & Charter Oak RR

Bristal Hill RR

Broad Top Mountain

Buffalo Creek & Kincade Western

Buffalo, Rochester & Pennsylvania RR

Burlington Northern Railroad

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Pilchuck Division

Butternut Electric Railroad

Buzzard Gulch & Western

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- C -

C & G Railway

C St.PM & O

C.St.P.M.& O.

Calapooya Pacific RR

Calumet Railroad

Canadian Pacific Railway-Basement Division

Cape Fear & Piedmont Railway

Carolina & Northwestern Rwy

Carrol County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Cascade International Ry

Cascade Pacific Railroad

Cascade Pacific Railway

CB Rail - Belair Central

Central Missouri & Southern RR

Central Pennsylvania Railroad

Chautauaqua Scenic Railway

Chequesset & Western RR

Chesapeak Systems

Chesapeake & Delaware Railroad

Chesapeake & Potomac Railroad

Chesapeake & Southwestern Railroad

Chesapeake Bay & Northern Railway Company

Chestnut Ridge & Laurel Railroad

Cheyenne Denver & Laramie RR

Cheyenne Mountain Southern Railroad

Chicago Creek Branch, Evergreen Central Railroad

Chicago Emporia & Evansville

Chicago, Bellevue, Casscade and Western

Chicago, French Lick & New Orleans

Chicago, Malady Bay & Pacific RR

Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary

Chicagon Terminal & Transfer

Chucklehead & Ticklefoot R.R.

Circle Isoscles and Lateral Railway Company

Clear Creek & Quicksilver

Clearwater Northern

Clinch Mountain Railway

Clinch Valley RR.

Clinton & Tampico Southern RR

Colorado & East Central Railway

Colorado Midland Railway (Eastern Division)

Columbia Clipper Railroad

Columbia Gorge & Eastern Railway

Colvin Creek Railway

Conemaugh & Juniata Railroad

Connequenessing Line

Conowingo Central Railroad

Coon Creek Logging RR

Coos & Deschutes Railroad

Copper & Woodchute Mountain Railway

Coquihalla Valley Railway

Corrosion &Oxide Power & Light Street RR

Cortland, Aptakisic & Washtenaw Railroad

Crandon & Northern RR

Cream Ridge Southern Railroad

Credit River & Western Railroad

Crossbow & Midland

Crow River Junction Model Railroad Club

Crown Point Mining Company


CSX'S Kingsport Sub Division

CTM (Cost Too Much)

Cumberland & Lake Erie RR

Cumberland Northern Railway

Cumberland River & Eastern RR


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- D -

Dad, Boys & Mom Railroad

Dakota Central Railroad

Dakotah Midwest Railway Co.

Dallas Belt & Terminal Railroad

Danville and Minnesota Railroad

Dawcha Southern Railway Company

Dayton & Mad River

Dayton & Mad River

Dead Horse Canyon & Mossback

Deadwood & Rock Creek Western

Deer Mountain Railroad

Defiance & Beyond Railroad

Del Rio & Midland Northern RR

Delaware Central Railroad

Delta & Canyon Southern Railroad

Denver & Cat Canyon Rail Road

Denver & Clear Creek

Derban - Windsor & Squire RR

Detroit & Port Huron Railroad

Detroit, Woodbridge & Birmingham RR

Dew Valley

Diablo Mining Co

Dinsdale & Southern

Downe & Owlte RR

DT & C Central Railroad

Duck Lake & Bear Canyon Railroad

Dundee Tecumseh & Muskegon

Durango, South Platte & Northern RR

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- E -

E.J. & K. Ry

Eagle Crest & Keystone Railway

Eagle River Railroad

Eagle Valley Model Railroad

East Central Indiana

East Central Wisconsin & Illinois

Eastern Gully & Gorge RR

Eastern Pacific Railway

Elk Springs Railroad

Erie & Cumberland

Erk Lines

Eucheeanna Valley Railway


Evenston & Johnston R.R.

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- F -

Farmers Grain and Terminal Shortline Railway

Flat Frog Bayou

Florida Coastal Railroad

Florida East Coast Railway

Ford City Northern Railway

Franklin & South Manchester

Freeport & Conemaugh Railroad

Frostbite Falls and Mount Flatten

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- G -

Galesburg, Quincy & St. Joseph

Garden City Northern

Gate House & Easter Railway Company

Georgia Midland

Glendale Transfer Railroad

Glibet Industrial Lines

Gnaw Bone & Western

Golden ~ Blackhawk & Central Railway

Grafton & Cumberland

Granite Gorge and Great Northern

Grand River Western

Grand Road

Great Cypress Lines

Great Eastern Railway Company

Great Falls, Bitterroot & Pacific

Great Lakes & Gulf

Great Lakes Eastern Co

Great Lakes Midwestern Railroad

Great Lakes Railway Company

Great Lakes Western Railroad

Great Great Northern Railway

Great Northern - Mesabi Division

Great Northern Railroad

Great Pacfic Railway

Greenview & Pickford

Gronunkreque & Sputnkoff RR

Grosser's Nostalgia Trip

Gulf Lake & Western Railway

Gully Lines

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- H -

Halfhollow & Huntington

Hamlin & Rio Grande Northern RR

Hanford Atomic Railway

Happy Valley Railroad

Harriman - Hill System

Hazel Fern Railway

Hewitt & Central Texas

High Sierra Railroad

Hillsboro, Jackson & Meadowpoint RR

Hither & Yon Railway

Hither, Thither & Yawn RR

Hog Pen Gap Mining & Timber Co.

Hooter Division, Georgia Southern & Florida Rail Way

Housatonic & Cayuga RR

Housatonic River Valley RR

Hudson Central Railroad

Hungry Horse Timber Company

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- I -

Illinois & Michigan

Imagination & Western-Elk Valley Division

Indiana Valley Transfer

Indiaola, Charles City & Northern Railway

Intermountan Pacific Railroad

International Car Exchange

Iron Belt (Chicago & Lake Erie)

Iron Hill & Deep Gorge

Iron Pine & Rusty River R.R.

Iron Range & Northern Ry

Iron River & Lake Michigan

Island Central Railroad

Ixonia Depot

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- J -

Jefferson Central Railroad

Jersey Mountain Lines

Jersey Southern Lines

Jolo Coastal Railroad

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- K -

Kaos Central Railroad

Kaw Valley Railroad

Kenly's Creek Railroad, Coal & Lumber Co

Kentucky Western Railroad

Kerhonkson, Lackawack, & Peekamoose RR

Keystone Central Railroad

Keystone Connecting System

Keystone Consolidated lines

Keystone Western

Kickapoo & Northern

Kingston Branch of the NYO&W

Kiski Valley Railroad

Kiskiminetas Railroad

Kneedy & Lackamoney

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- L -

La Cloche & Manitoulin Railway

Lakaoia Lumber Company

Lake Calumet & Indiana RR

Lake Erie & Southern

Lake Genever and Bamboo Railroad

Lake Shore & Great Western RR

Lakeshore & Eastern Railway

Laurel Ridge Railroad

Lehig Valley Commuter Railway

Lehigh & Susquehanna

Lehigh Northern

Leisure Prarie Railroad

Likely Storrie Lines

Little Rhody Division-NMRA Modular Div


Lone Star Railway

Lonepine & Northern Railroad

Long Green Valley Line

Long Island Railroad -Lower Montauk Branch

Loon Lake Line

Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Co

Los Cerritos and Western

Los Gatos Locos Railway

Louisiana Northern

Luzerne & Lackawanna

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- M -

Madison Railroad

Maine Link Railroad

Manchester & Lincoln RR

Manzano Southern Railroad

Maple Valley Railroad

Maryann & Eastern Railway

Maryland Blue & Gray Line

Marysville Sierra Railway

McCloud River Railroad Company


Memphis Ridge Line

Merchants Express Line

Midlands Railway

Midwest & Northern Rail System

Midwest Lines RR.

Mill Street Connecting Railroad

Miller Road

Mineral Lake and Southern Railroad

Minnesota & Western Railroad

Minnesota Heartland Railway

Misery Bay Copper Company

Mission Valley Railroad

Missouri Pacific Lines - White River Division

Mongaup Valley Railway

Monon Central Railroad

Monongalia Southern Railway Co.

Moose Equipment Leasing

Moose Valley Railroad

Morgan Rail

Mountain & Pacific Railroad

Mountain Yard, Terminal Harbor Inter-Connection All Lines

Mudsock Central Railroad

Mystic Mountain Railroad

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- N -

Narrow, Crooked & Ornery Railway

National Southern Railroad Company

Nebraska & Southern Railroad

Nevadun Railroad

New Brighton Great Northern Railway

New England Lines

New Haven South

New Port Railway & Transportation Co

New Triton & Atlantic Railroad

New York Grand Trunk Northern

New York Ontario & Western

New York Ontario & Western Railway

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

Nickel City Line Railroad

Nickle Plate Road - Peoria Division

No Name, Troublesom, Crook Railroad

Norfolk Southern Rwy

Norfolk Southern's Ohio Flats

North Shore Terminal

North Woods Route

Northern Central Railway

Northern Illinois - Southern Indiana

Northern Illinois and Eastern

Northern Illinois and Eastern

Northern Railway

Northern Vermont Railroad

Northern Vermont Railway

Nothin Specific Railroad

Nutmeg Central Railway

Nutmeg Central Railway

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- O -

Oak Ridge Central

Ocklawaha Valley Railroad

Ocolia Midland Railroad

Ohio Valley Western Railway

Oil City, Allegheny and Millcreek Railroad Co.

Old Colony & South Shore Railroad

Old Point Comfort Lines


Ontario Central Railway

Opcit Loccit & Ibid RR

Orange Belt Railroad

Orange Belt Railway

Orion Express Scenic Railroad

Osage Valley Tie & Lumber Co

Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway

Otter Creek & Perry Railroad

Ozark & Neustadt Railroad

Overland Short Haul & Industrial Transfer Co.

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- P -

Pacific and Western States

Pacific Central & Eastern RR

Pacific Coast Railroad

Pacific Union Railroad

Paper Valley Lines

Parsons & Oak Valley Railroad

Pearl River & Northern Railroad

Pendes Isle Railroad

Penn Western RR

Penn Western Railway Company

Pennsylvania & North Western

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad - North Jersey Branch

Peoria Pekin Transfer Company

Perryville & Highlands Railroad

Piedmont & Western Railroad

Pilchuck & Western

Pittsburgh & Western Railroad

Pleasant Ridge and Shelter Rock Railroad

Plymouth, Cottonwood & Western Railroad

Pocono & Hudson

Pocono Valley Lines

Pokey Slo & Never Railroad

Popenna Railroad

Port Bolivar Iron Ore Railway

Potomac & Patuxent RR

Potomac Valley Railroad

Potomic & Ohio Connecting RR

Providence & Worcester Model Railroad

PRR Northern Division (Emporium to Ridgeway & Points

PRR West of Middle Division

Puget Sound Iron Goat Railway

PWD Rail System

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- Q -

Quake & Shake Railroad

Quaske Creek Traction Company

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- R -

Raccoon Rock

Raccoon Valley Railroad

Rail Vermont

Rainier Great Western Railway & Navagation Company

Raquette Lake Railway Co

Raquette Lake Transportation Co

Reading Company

Reno, Truckee & Carson Railroad

Retired N' Recluse

Richland & Bonville

Rinconada Express Agency

Rio Golare Southern

Roaring Western Gorge Railroad

Rock Bottom & Stony End Rwy.

Rock Creek Lines

Rocky Mountain & White Pass Railroad

Rolls Canardly & Pacific

Route Of The Glacier Express

Royal Gorge Southern Ry

Royal Gorge Western Ry

Ruptured Duck & Daffler Railroad

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- S -

Saint Andrew Islands Railway

Saint Johns & Atlantic Transportation

Salem, Atlantic & New Jersey

Salero & Western Railroad

Salmon Arm Model Railway Association

Salt Lake, Garfield & Western RR

Saltsburg & Slickville Railroad

Salvo Hill Line

San Antonio & Pacific Railroad

San Isabel Valley

Sandy River Central

Sanford & Santa Fe Railroad

Santa Fe Central Railroad

Santa Fe RR 89 Route

Santa Margarita & Pozo Railroad

Scenic Green Railroad

Scotts-dale Division

Seaboard & Western Railroad

Seaboard Southern

Settebakke and Delaye

Seattle Pacific Railroad

Serendip & Western RR

Serenity Valley & Southern RR

Settebakke and Delaye

Severn Valley Railway

Seymour Model Railroad Club

Shasta Northern Railway

Shelter Bay Railway Co.

Shiloh Valley Railroad

Shimberg Pines #II

Shiro Lines Railroad

Sierra Northern Railroad

Sierra, Carson & Truckee Rwy.

Sin City Renewal Evangeline & Western

Skokie Valley Northern Railroad

Slow & Sleepy RR Co.

Smoke Line Railroad

Snow Hill, Maing on the Main Central

Solomons & Patuxent Railroad

South Broadbottom Railroad

South West Side Lumber Company

Southern Colorado

Southwood & Macey Bay Railroad

Spruce Creek Railway

St. James & Sandy River Railroad

Steven, Thomas & Stella R.R

Stratton Valley Railroad & Transfer Company

Stony Creek & Western Railroad

Sunnybrook Central Railroad

Susquehanna Railroad

Susquehanna Southern

Susquehanna ValleyLine

Suwanee River Route RR.

Swayzee Pacific Transportation Co

Sweetwater & Aberjona Railroad

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- T -

Tahoe N Tidewater RR

Tall Pine Timber Company

Tall Timber Logging Line RR

Tarfu Belt Line

Tennessee Midland Railroad

Texas Maverick Lines

The Alton & Mississippi River Belt Railway Co.

The Bona Vista Railroad

The Coal Belt Electric Railway

The Gecko & Gossamer Railroad

The Grand Tower Mining, Manufacturing & Transport Co.

The Lawrelyn Overland Railroad (Lawrelyn Division)

The Midland Oceanic System

The Western Pennsylvania Railroad Company

Third Coast Route

Thoth Railway

Tidewater & Western Railway

Timber Creek

Tionesta Valley Railroad

Token Creek Transportation

Tolchester & Annapolis Railroad

Transylvania Railway

Trap "N" Garnet Ridge Railroad

Trewsville Southern Railroad

Trinity Southern Railway

Trinity Subdivision, St. Louis Southwestern Railway Lines

Tryangit Southern Railroad

Tryangit Union Traction Co.

Tuckahoe Flats & Cowhide R.R.

Tullahoma District, Chattanooga Division, NC & StL. Rwy

Tupper Lake & South Junction

Twin Valley & Meadow Ridge Railroad

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- U -

Union Pacific - Missouri Texas Division

Union Pacific Railroad - Elkhorn Subdivision

Union Pacific Willamette Valley & Vida Rair Road

Union, Santa Fe & Southern

United Verde & Pacific Railway

Upper Mississippi Railroad

Upton & Clyde Railroad

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- V -

Val Ease Central Railroad

Venango Traction Company

Venedocia Railway Co.

Virgina Central Railroad

Virginia Great Western Railway

Virginia Hamlin - Browne Subdivision

Virginia Northern Railroad

Virginia Southern

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- W -

Wadda, Oad & Wurnoutt Railway

Walt N' Verne Railway

Wapsie Valley Railroad Company

Washington Pacific Railroad

Webster Groves & Fenton

Weeter Mining Company

West Virginia Midland Railroad

West Virginia Western

Western Allegheny Railroad

Western Marland Fast Freight Line

Western Pacific - Mountain Division Senjaville

Western Pacific - Western Division

Westport Terminal Railroad

Whiskeytown & Shasta RR

White Bear Lake & Northern RR

Whitehall & Iron Mountain

Widow Creek Railroad

Wilmington Overland & Western Railway

Wind River Railroad

Windburne County Railway Company

Wisconsin & Illinois Western

Wisconsin & Iowa Railroad Company

Wisconsin & Michigan - Western Division

Wisconsin && Midwestern

Wisconsin Central & Southern Santa Fe

Wisconsin Central Railroad

Wisconsin Kettle Moraine RR

Wyoming & La Grand

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- X -


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- Y -

Yankee - Southern Railroad

Yosemite Short Line Railway

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- Z -

Zig Zag Valley Railroad

Zilwaukee, Okeechobee & Tremungus

Zumbro Valley & Western

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