Executive Handbook

NMRA Executive Handbook

The Executive Handbook (PDF) - this link connects to the former NMRA Regulations (July, 2016) and to the "Executive Handbook", currently under extensive revision.  Some portions of this document are still in effect, others are under revision, and some have been superceded.

The following changes are underway beginning in 2018 to reflect the newly adopted NMRA By-Laws and a re-ordering and simplification of the previous Executive Handbook into Corporate and Program Manuals.

The "NMRA By-Laws (PDF)" were adopted in May, 2018 by a membership vote, are now in effect, and replace the previous "NMRA Regulations."  The amending authority for the "NMRA By-Laws" is a membership vote.  Those sections of the previous Regulations that are not included in the By-Laws are still in effect and will become part of the Corporate Policies and Procedures Manual.

The previous Executive Handbook will be divided into the new Corporate Policies and Procedures Manual and the new Program Poicies and Procedures Manual.  The amending authority for policy in these two manuals is the Board of Directors.  Amending authority for procedures is with the appropriate Officer or Department Head.

The "Corporate Policies and Procedures Manual" contains those elements that are specific to the operation of the NMRA.

The "Program Policies and Procedures Manual" contains those elements that manage the operation of the various Departments within the NMRA.