"The Masters" Articles


The Masters Series was published in The Bulletin, during the years 1991 - 1993. Each article consists of helpful advice from NMRA Master Model Railroader(s) concerning how to qualify for a specific Achievement Program Category.

Credit for the inspiration to make these articles available goes to Rick Shoup, Master Model Railroader number 234, and NMRA National AP Manager, at the time he suggested these as suitable material for the site. The conversion of this series is an ongoing project, additional articles from this series will be converted in the future.

Category 1. Master Builder Motive Power

Category 2. Master Builder - Cars

Category 3. Master Builder - Structures

Category 4. Master Builder - Scenery

Category 4a. Master Builder - Prototype Models

Category 5. Model Railroad Engineer - Civil

Category 6. Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical.

Category 7. Chief Dispatcher

Categories 8 and 9, Association Volunteer and Association Official

Category 10. Model Railroad Author

Misc articles on Year of the MMR