Basic to each Achievement Program category are specific requirements pertinent to that category. The following requirements are pertinent to all categories. Each member who has been granted an Achievement Certificate must:

  1. Have completed all of the requirements for that category.
  2. Be a current NMRA member at the time of requesting certification.
  3. Request certification on the official AP Statement Of Qualification form (SOQ) and submit an electronic copy or two paper copies to the AP Manager of the Region (by way of the Division or Area Manager.) in which the member currently resides.  One copy stays with the Region AP Manager and the other is forwarded to the National AP Manager for final approval.

    Note: Any member who resides outside their "Home" Region, for less than six months of the year, and who participates in the second region's contests, or has Merit Award Evaluations done there, but wants the certificate credited to the "Home" Region, can submit the SOQ to the second region's AP Manager with explanations.

  4. Submit a typed, legibly printed, or legibly scanned SOQ and the required supplementary attatchments; i.e., either paper or electronic submissions are acceptable..

    Note: Association Official, Association Volunteer, and MMR Categories specifically provide that the SOQs may be initiated by others.

  5. Include on or with the SOQ all of the following:
    • Evidence of technical or service accomplishment.
    • Attachments of all supplementary material necessary to fully meet the stated requirements of the category.
    • Attachment of Merit Award Certificates or Judging/Evaluation Forms showing Merit Award scores (copies) as required.
    • Certification by the Region AP Manager.