In order to acknowledge exceptional achievement in the many phases of scale model railroading, the following achievement categories have been established to encompass both the technical and service phases of the model railroad hobby.  Each of the following contains the requirements plus some general explanations to provide perspective on each element.  This additional maerial is not part of the requirements and is only provided to provide some additional information.

Model Railroad Equipment

mbmp.gifMaster Builder - Motive Power

mbc.gifMaster Builder - Cars


mbst.gifMaster Builder - Structures

mbsc.gifMaster Builder - Scenery

mbpm.gifMaster Builder - Prototype Models

Engineering and Operation

civil.gifModel Railroad Engineer - Civil

voltm.gifModel Railroad Engineer - Electrical

dispatch.gifChief Dispatcher

Service to the Hobby

aoff.gifAssociation Official

avolu.gifAssociation Volunteer

author1.gifModel Railroad Author