Master Model Railroader

Master Model Railroader®

The title of Master Model Railroader® is not an easy one to achieve. In case you are wondering how many modelers have attained the title, take a look at the Master Model Railroader® list. Along the way to earning the title of Master Model Railroader®, you will have a lot of fun with your modeling, and learn many new skills to boot.

To qualify as a Master Model Railroader® you must:

Earn a minimum of seven AP certificates (out of the eleven available) then submit a Statement of Qualification (SOQ, see below).

Of these seven certificates, you must have at least one from each of the following four areas:

Further Information

Contact National Achievement Program General Manager, Frank Koch achiev [at], or your Region or Division Achievement Program Manager for more information.

Forms available for this category:

  • 2019 Master Model Railroader® SOQ Form: (PDF)(DOC)