Celebration (Contests)

Code of Conduct

  1. Definition - This comprises a pledge that contest judges, contest staff and contest entrants are expected to observe during the conduct of the contests.
  2. Contest Judging Purpose:
    1. Provide an objective and consistent evaluation of the skill and effort in the building of models and to provide recognition of those skills.
    2. Employ a uniform point scoring system for both scratch built and kit built models.
    3. Be an educational vehicle in which entrants are encouraged and inspired to build better and better models.
    4. Operate on the honor system.
    5. Contest entrants are trusted to provide an honest description of the work they have done on the entry forms.
    6. Contest staff will provide an objective and consistent evaluation of the models. Moreover, they should accept descriptive material at face value unless they feel there is an error or find compelling evidence that the description has been misrepresented. In either case, the Contest Chairman and Chief Judge should immediately be notified.
  3. Contest Staff and Judges agree to:
    1. Be fair and honest.
    2. Be friendly, open and encouraging to entrants.
    3. Be helpful and instructive to applicants/entrants with regard to AP/Contest rules, Judging Guidelines, and forms.
    4. Employ procedures to facilitate objective and consistent evaluations and scoring of the models including:
      1. Using open judging (subject to complete silence by viewers) if possible.
      2. Ensuring paperwork left with the model does not include the name of the builder and covers scores as much as possible and not disclose the name of the modeler prior to awards for any contest model judged.
    5. In the case of a complaint, refer the complaint to the Contest Chairman or Chief Judge who should provide an honest and fair hearing.
  4. Judges further agree to:
    1. Reread the guidelines for any factors they are judging.
    2. Not be biased toward or against any scale, prototype, type of construction, material, modeling era, other aspect of the model or modeler regardless of reputation, and to recuse themselves from judging their own models or any category in which they have entered or which they model.
    3. Provide positive and constructive written comments to all applicants/entrants.
    4. Disregard factor scores rendered by other teams and any totaled scores when engaged in team judging.
  5. Entrants agree to:
    1. Fill out all required forms in a truthful manner.
    2. Describe their model as accurately and concisely as possible recognizing the time limits placed on judging. (Pictures and/or plans are encouraged to document conformity and prototype/construction practice.)
    3. In the case of a complaint regarding the scoring of a model to present their case to the Contest Chairman or Chief Judge in a civil manner and respect the decision rendered.