A Celebration of Models, Photos & Crafts (Contests)

The National Contest Staff has been working hard over the past nine years to put into place an interesting and varied program, which we have dubbed A Celebration of Models, Photos & Crafts.  Why the change?  Because it's so much more than just the judged contest of years ago with a menu of activities from the venerable judged event to popular vote, to show and tell and more.  And, of course it's more than just about the models: photos, passes, arts & crafts and module events are included as well. It's much less about who wins, but more about sharing our accomplishments and techniques, teaching and learning and perhaps most important encouraging and inspiring each other.

Some years ago we added the People'€™s Choice Awards, a direct entry, popular vote contest including models, photo and arts & craft and the Model Showcase, a non-competitive, display-only event for complete or in process models or other railroad oriented projects. Both have minimal paperwork. We followed up by adding a Kit Built Contest to run in parallel with the Scratch Built Contest and then later added an Afternoon of Meet the Modeler, Photographer, and Crafter€ event comprising a show & tell for all entrants and attendees on Tuesday. On Thursday we added a morning Score Review Period for the judged contest (Kit and Scratch) to allow contestants to discuss and ask questions of the judges and staff which is followed by the Awards Ceremony and Reception in the afternoon.

Other popular events have been upgraded as well.  The Photo Contest has transitioned to the digital age and includes several new awards.  The People's Choice Awards now includes categories for Favorite Train, Photo Match, Photos, the Thumbs Award (for the most humorous model) and Arts & Crafts, a perennial favorite, with non-rail fan attendees.  Last but not least is the Module Contest, which is held at the National Train Show and is open to non-members who participate in the show.

Whichever you choose, we on the National Staff take our jobs very seriously and are dedicated to bringing you a positive and rewarding experience. It makes no difference to us whether you are a well known veteran or a first timer, you and your entry will be treated with care and respect.

Now you'll still see us refer here and there to the Contest, Contest Staff, Contest Room, Contest Chair and so on, but you should know that in our hearts what we are really holding is A Celebration of Models, Photos & Crafts.

We sincerely hope one of these events will stir your blood and get you excited enough to bring an entry. But read on there is much more including; help with the contest forms, the who, what and where of the various events and finally the detailed rules and judging guidelines for all of the contest events. If you have any questions, please don'€™t hesitate to call, write or email me.

Please email me using this link: contests [at] nmra.org (Contest)

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