Celebration (Contests)


1. Printable Forms - Listed below are the printable forms for contests. These are in Acrobat PDF format. Be sure to throw outdated copies away and always use the latest forms!

  1. Contest Entry Form #901 (Updated 10/27/2019)
  2. Module Contest Entry Form #901b (Print on Yellow Paper)
  3. Module Contest Identification Form J (Print on Yellow Paper)
  4. Model Contest Judge's Score Sheet #902
  5. People's Choice Awards Ballot #904 (handed out during the convention)

2.  Help with Contest Forms

Since paperwork seems to be the biggest complaint from most people entering model contests, or used as the most frequent excuse for not entering the contest, there now is help.  If you are concerned about your paperwork and whether you have provided sufficient information for the judges, you can now get your model write up reviewed in advance. The National Contest Staff will review your paperwork and provide guidance on how to improve your submission. If you want to take advantage of this service you can send your paperwork to me, the contests [at] nmra.org (National Contest Chairman), and I will forward it to the committee.  Your paperwork will be personally reviewed by one of the members and you will be provided with specific comments and recommendations.  If you can submit your paperwork in digital format, word processing or text files, it will greatly speed up the process.  If you send a hard copy, please send a COPY, not the original.  And please don't wait until the last minute to get your paperwork submitted.