Celebration (Contests)

Eligiblity & Entry


  1. Judged Model Contest, Photo Contest, People's Choice Awards and Showcase

  1. Any member of the NMRA, in good standing, is eligible to compete, except those persons engaged in the business of the contest entered (i.e. Commercial Model Builder is not eligible for the model contest, professional photographer is not eligible for the photo contest). Commercially built models and commercial photos are not eligible to be entered. Only models, or portions thereof, which are the product of the owner/builder, will be considered by the judges.
  2. There are no restrictions on the number of models entered by a single entrant, nor any entry fee.  However, the photographs in each category are limited.  See the rules section of the Photo Contest for details.
  3. Entries that have won a first place in any prior National Contest cannot be entered in the same contest category.
  4. A Contest Entry Form #901 including name and address, NMRA membership number, model scale (if applicable), category and item name or title must be filled out; for each Judged Model Contest, People's Choice Awards, Photo Contest, or Pass Contest entry submitted or the sum total of those items entered in the Model Showcase. A claim check will be provided for each item or group of Showcase items entered. Each entry by proxy must be authenticated by the owner/builder with the owner's valid NMRA membership number.
  5. Model Contest Judge's Score Sheet #902 must be filled out and submitted.  It is permissible to submit additional typed sheet(s) containing all requested information in lieu of entering the information on the official score sheet. However, the information for each factor (construction, conformity, detail, etc.) must be presented in the same order.  The People's Choice Awards, the Model Showcase, the Photo Contest and the Pass Contest do not require a Judging Sheet.
  6. Supplemental information to verify or provide additional description of how the item was built and prototype documention may also be submitted.  However, all supplemental information should be very short, concisely written and presented in order, by factor.  The judges will review short, supplemental descriptions, but are under no obligation to review long dissertations.
  7. The claim check must be presented to retrieve entries after the Contest.
  1. Module Contest and Arts & Crafts Contest
  1. Any person registered at the convention is eligible to enter the People's Choice Arts & Crafts Contest.  Any person or group who attends the National Train Show is eligible to enter the Module Contest provided that person or group makes prior arrangements to display the module(s).
  2. A Contest Entry Form #901 including name and address, model scale, category and item name or title must be filled out for each module or Arts & Crafts entry submitted.  A claim check will be provided for Arts & Crafts entries.
  3. The claim check must be presented to retrieve Arts & Crafts entries after the Contest.